The Association


The Gayarre Friends of the Opera of Navarre Association (AGAO) was founded on 2 January 1990 to commemorate the death of the famous Navarre-born tenor, Julián Gayarre.


AGAO is a non-profit association mainly aimed at promoting, developing and spreading awareness for lyrical art, in general, and opera, in particular. In order to do so, it organises opera performances and related activities (recitals, conferences, workshops…), supporting and promoting elements of opera of all kinds and, quite particularly, amongst young Navarran singers. All of this is part of an open-ended, plural cultural project which brings opera to everyone.

AGAO carries out its opera activities both at the Gayarre Theatre as well as at the Baluarte Auditorium in Pamplona and organises lyrical recitals in the smallest of towns in Navarre in an effort to spread a love for lyrical art among the largest number of people.

This activity is acknowledged as “Of social interest” pursuant to Foral Decree 118 of 1999, of 19 April (Official Gazette of Navarre no. 59, 12 May).

Asociación-operaAGAO is a member of the Association of Theatres, Festivals and Stable Opera Seasons of Spain.